Press release
December 16, 2009

Interschutz 2000

Interschutz, 21st June 2000: Already on the first day of the fair things heated up at the stand of the Stockhausen GmbH & Co Kg: The new extinguishing device additive FIRESORB® created a major interest in the hall 4a, D23. FIRESORB® is an extinguishing device additive of the fire grade A. The product is mixed into the extinguishing water at a low concentration between 1% and 3%. Thus a gel is created which binds the water. At the stand there was a wall for demonstrations on which the visitors could convince themselves live of the advantages of the new product in comparison to water. This is what the visitors saw during the demonstration: on one side of the wall water ran down from the top to the bottom, on the other side of the wall FIRESORB® did not run down the wall but stuck to it. Because of its gel- like substance FIRESORB® is thus well suitable for preventive fire protection. The product forms a protective coat around objects which have not yet been affected by fire. So, for example, fire threatened tanks, buildings or forests can be covered with the gel concentrate to prevent the flames from spreading to them. It can also be dropped down from a plane to fight big area fires (fields, forests, etc.) or to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas.

Familiar fire service techniques, simple implementation
When using FIRESORB® Stockhausen builds on simple implementation. FIRESORB® is mixed into the extinguishing water with Venturi mixers like the Z2R and Z4R. At the stand those interested can inform themselves about the mixing techniques with the help of a pump. If there are any questions concerning the techniques and the product itself not only the workers in the area of FIRESORB® will help you but also the head of the Stockhausen fire department, Heribert Hebben. He will be on location until the 23rd of June.

Quench the thirst (for knowledge)
You can quench your thirst (for knowledge) in our tent outside behind the hall 9, M02. Outside and inside the fair halls cards are distributed which have a sticker on them as a personal passport. With those the visitors can get a cold drink in our tent outside as well as a cool present at our stand inside the hall for the hottest days of the year.