• swellable coating in liquid form onto nonwovens, wovens, foils and yarns

  • directly in powder form onto braided shielding area or in the wire/ conductor area of a cable

  • incorporated in powder form into nonwoven

  • incorporated in powder form into filling/flooding compounds

  • incorporated in powder form into hot melts


CABLOC Polymers can be incorporated into and on various substrates via fluidized bed, electrostatic or vibratory methods. Liquid versions can be applied via spray, roll, curtain or dipcoating techniques.

Customer services

Self-developed application tests and strict controls guarantee highest quality. Evonik Nutrition & Care supports its customers with customized research, extensive manufacturing and service to ensure prompt and efficient delivery.

Test methods 

Various test methods are avaiable. Examples can be found here. For example "Absorption Speed Test method"

Evonik Absorption Speed Test  (pdf, 62 KB)

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Dominique Kühl