How CABLOC® Polymers work

In the event of water ingress into a cable manufactured with swellable components, the CABLOC superabsorbent immediately swells to many times its original dry particle size to block further water penetration. 

Due to the rapid swelling of CABLOC polymers, voids within the cable are sealed immediately, preventing water movement, keeping the potential damage localized. Available blends CABLOC Polymers are available as a powder or as a liquid.

Product characteristics

  • rapid swelling properties

  • high gel strength and mechanical stability

  • anti-corrosive

  • non-ageing

  • resistant to micro-organism

  • easy to use

  • non-toxic

  • electrical, telecommunications, coaxial and optical cables

  • underground cables

  • underwater cables 


Marie Rose Chalhoub

Dominique Kühl