For the production of swellable cable components, Creasorb offers liquid, solvent free, crosslinkable polyacrylates (SAP) as well as traditional crosslinked superabsorbent powders with the trade name CABLOC.

CABLOC polymers cover all technical and economic demands of the rapid and progressive developments in the cable industry.

The synthetic CABLOC liquids enable an easy and economic swellable coating onto various materials like nonwovens, wovens, foils and yarns. The liquid system creates a homogenous, water blocking layer that has superior blocking properties in swollen condition. Problems such as proper surface distribution and the need of numerous carrier layers are solved.

Powdered CABLOC materials offer the long term stability which cables require. The balance between gel blocking and swellability are maintained with the ability to offer powders which have controlled particle size distributions, anti-caking, and chemistries which perform in demanding environments. Application can be best performed with electrostatic and fluidized applicators.

CABLOC Polymers are crosslinked or crosslinkable homopolymers or copolymers with water binding groups. In their dry form these polymers are insoluble in water but highly swellable.


Marie Rose Chalhoub

Dominique Kühl