Leakage Protection for Packaging Industries

How FAVOR®-PAC polymers work

In combination with nonwovens, FAVOR-PAC can be made into absorbent composites of various sizes. These absorbent products can be used in the transport sector as an underlay for goods liable to escape, or in the design of packaging material, for example boxes, bags, trays, etc.

FAVOR-PAC immediately absorbs and retains escaping liquids, preventing contamination of the transport medium, and eliminating laborious and costly cleaning.

The high absorption efficiency of FAVOR-PAC permits the design, of very lightweight packaging, resulting in reductions in freight costs, when compared with conventional packaging. Depending on the liquid even small amounts of FAVOR-PAC can ensure dry storage of the products. 

  • Designed especially for the food packaging industries, FAVOR-PAC is an efficient liquid absorbent. Its key advantage is high fluid retention even under pressure due to excellent mechanical gel stability.

  • FAVOR-PAC can quickly absorb escaping water, aqueous solutions, and biological fluids.

  • It ensures dryness and protects against leakage and contamination thus resulting in safe transportation of foods products and industrial goods.

  • It can enhance the appearance of consumer products through a cleaner, drier packaging.

  • FAVOR-PAC is available in compliance with European food packaging legislation or approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

  • FAVOR-PAC allows for new package designs with absorption performance which have been previously unavailable.


Marie Rose Chalhoub

Michael Nagels