On burning material the FIRESORB gel creates an overproportional cooling effect through high density and the substantionally reduced evaporation speed. This effect is critical when fighting highly energetic fires with very high temperatures. Under these circumstances water on its own evaporates immediately.


 FIRESORB gel, conversely, cuts-off the oxygen supply to the burning material. This creates an intensive cooling and smothers the fl ames resulting in an immediate lowering of the temperature around the burning material. The hot, acid gases are thus precipitate and sooty particles are bound.


If there is any danger of the fire taking over neighbouring buildings and grounds FIRESORB Gel takes care of preventive protection of objects. Here a higher dosage rate (between 2,0% and 2,5%) is of advantage because the cooling and protection effect is higher and more efficient. Further a better adhesion can be achieved.


Michael Nagels