Important details for operation


  • Possibilities of dosage

  • Nozzles

  • Water quality

  • Packaging

Possibilities of dosage


FIRESORB concentrate is dispensed into the extinguishing water stream with the commercial Venturi Mixers (Z2R, Z4R). To create the subpressure nessecary for sucking in the concentrate, different stream amounts have to be given according to the different mixer types.


With the use of special dosage pumps which are not dependent on the subpressure like the Venturi systems but rather dispense proportionally to the water stream amount a perfect mix of the FIRESORB concentrate can be created. When mixing with water motors no additional energy source is needed because the water motor is ultimately powered by the fire extinguishing pump.

 Other energy sources

FIRESORB can basically be fed into the extinguishing water stream with electronic dosage pumps. These are especailly used with stationary fire fighting units.

before going into a fire combat, i.e. if the water supply on site is insuffi cient, if the water supply is not available at all or if it´s not possible to mix the gel on site. Because of the higher viscosity of the gel in a state of rest it should not be mixed in doses of over 1,5%. The production of the FIRESORB

 Premixing of the FIRESORB® Gel

Depending on the circumstances it is advisable to prepare FIRESORB Gel in bigger quantities should happen with the propper mixing systems. Smaller quantities can be mixed into the water per hand after calculating the quantity of the concentrate. To avoid lumps in the mixture the dosage should be increased slowly at the beginning. As soon as the geling process starts the remaining concentrate can be added more quickly. 


Alternative to the multipurpose nozzles you can use turbine-nozzles with a flexible flow rate. Please, keep notice that the water quantity is high enough for the used dosing equipment.

Water quality

With city-, ground- and well water an effective gel is formed. Water from surface waterways can also be used. Fully de-salted (FDS water), i.e. from sea water de-salting plants can also be used.

Saltwater is not suitable for the use of FIRESORB.



20 Litres canister

Contents: 21 Litres

Weight (net): 20 kg

Weight (gross): 21,5 kg

Storage temperature: 0°C to 40 °C

Measurements (WxHxD): 290 x 259 x 386mm

Can be double-stacked

Container (IBC)

Protective canister on euro pallet

Contents: 1050 Litres

Weight (net): 1000 kg

Weight (gross): 1067 kg

Storage temperature: 0°C to 40 °C

Measurements (WxHxD): 1000x1160x1200mm

Ball tap barrier at front side


Michael Nagels