Fire fighting-additive for the fire grade A


FIRESORB® is a fire-fighting device-additive for the firegrade A. The liquid polymer - solution absorbs a multiple amount of its own weight in water and forms an adhesive and heat-shielding gel which contains no air bubbles but consists of evenly thickened water.

FIRESORB Gel has a very good adhesive quality. It even sticks in thickness up to 10 mm at smooth, vertical surfaces (i.e. windows) or on ceilings.

Because of the chemical-physical qualities of FIRESORB Gel the evaporation rate of the water is reduced considerably, even at higher temperatures. Thus the water use is reduced.

Physical characteristics


yellow opac

Viscosity of product at 20°C

200 to 500 mPa*s


1.05 g/cm³

pH-value at 20°C

6.9 bis 7.1

Water hazard class (WDL)


Storage (may have to be Stirred)

3 years at 0°C to 40°C


fire fighting

1.0 % to 1.5 %


2.0 % to 3.0 %

fire breaks/ forest fires

1.0 % to 1.5 %

semi stationary fire fighting units

1.0 % to 2.0 %


FIRESORB has been tested with regard to the chemical characteristics and the law of physics according to the strict german fire- and environmental regulations and thus has been approved as fire-extinguishing device under the registration number PL 1-98. FIRESORB is approved as fire-extinguishing device in many countries of the world.

Treatment of environment and disposal

Some parts of FIRESORB are easily biodegradable. FIRESORB is classed as water danger level 1. When it gets into the canalisation the local, official regulations are to be heeded. FIRESORB concentrate should not get into open waterways. Through using FIRESORB when fighting fires the quantity of contaminated extinguishing water is reduced and thus less of it has to be disposed of. When used as preventive fi re protection FIRESORB reduces the risk of ecological and economical consequential damage. Thus it serves the environment.


Michael Nagels