helps growers maximize available water


Advanced HydroGel Technology

Successful growers know proper water and soil management makes the difference between a banner crop and one that falls short. Incorporating STOCKOSORB into soil can help.

STOCKOSORB advanced hydrogel technology is a water and soil management tool designed for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. As a leader in hydrogel technology for more than 20 years, our management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001, ensuring a high quality product.

Advanced HydroGel Technology

STOCKOSORB stores hundreds of times its weight in water. On demand, as soil conditions turn dry, nutrient-rich water is released to the plant root zone where it’s most needed. STOCKOSORB helps creating constant moisture conditions in the root zone of the plant. Providing a moisture buffer against insuficient rainfall and watering, heat and drought.

By applying STOCKOSORB, both the frequency of irrigation and the leaching of valuable nutrients is significantly reduced. As a result of consistent soil moisture and nutrient availability, the yield potential of soils and substrates is maximized.

In addition, watering and irrigation labor costs are also reduced, resulting in an even larger return on your investment.


Lynn Royal

Michael Terhart