Application Methods & Equipment For USA

How to apply STOCKOSORB®

The deployment of STOCKOSORB® does not require a specific technique. The machines and devices routinely used in operations should normally be suitable.

Incorporation with traditional fertilizer applicators STOCKOSORB must be blended with the soil intensively. It may be mixed with fertilizer and possibly soil improvement chemicals before application. The recommendable depth of application is at minimum 4 inches.

Band or furrow application in crop or plan rows Together with seed material, STOCKOSORB may be drilled into the ground with a grain drill or deployed together with fertilizer in bedded crops. Wood and tree plantation When transplanting trees and vines, STOCKOSORB can be applied in the planting hole or in the substrate for backfill. Application rates vary depending on size of transplant.


Soil mixing lines now have the capability to add hydrated Stockosorb to mixes, Bouldin & Lawson of Tennessee has fabricated the only known mechanism in use in a commercial greenhouse operation. This dispensing unit reduces the amount of Stockosorb needed in soils, when applied hydrated.


Hydrated Stockosorb into landscapes, golf courses, playing fields, commercial lawns etc is in its infancy. Companies like Dryject Inc, in Hatboro, PA and ACLS of Fresno,CA are developing and refining machines that successfully inject hydrated Stocksorb into established lawns:


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