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STOCKOSORB® increases the plant available water holding capacity of soils and potting mixes by decreasing the water and nutrient losses due to leaching, evaporation and surface runoff.
In the soil STOCKOSORB® hydrates and stores water, as well as the plant nutrients dissolved in it. Thus STOCKOSORB® acts as a water reservoir providing moisture to plant roots by direct uptake.

Therefore, the soil moisture potential is maximized for a longer period.


One kilogram of STOCKOSORB® (2.2lbs) is able to absorb up to 250 Liter (66 gallons) of demineralised water. All hydrogels are sensitive to salt solutions. More important is the plant available water. STOCKOSORB® was deliberated designed to maximise plant available water.


STOCKOSORB® stores water and plant nutrients. Water which is routinely lost is captured and becomes now available to plants. Thus, the soil moisture content is increased.

3 g (5lbs.) of STOCKOSORB® per liter (cubic Yard) of soil reduces water loss 30-50%. Thus, the time until plants reach the permanent wilting point is prolonged. Through the addition of STOCKOSORB® the properties of a sandy soil, with regard to plant water availability, have changed to such an extent that it is now comparable to a silt loamy soil.


Applied at the recommended dosage rates and homogenously mixed with the soil STOCKOSORB® does not lead to water logging. STOCKOSORB® acts as a discreet package of water, which loosens the soil increasing porosity, maximizing aeration and oxygen supply to the roots, which minimizes root damage due to water logging.


The swelling of the hydrogel during water uptake expands soil volume by increasing porosity thus providing a better environment for root growth. When applied at a rate of 3g/L (5lbs./cubic yard), sandy soil compaction is reduced by 23% where soil pore volume is increased by 41%. Water infiltration and retention is greatly improved while reducing soil erosion by as much as 50%.


STOCKOSORB® undergoes repeated water absorption and release cycles for several years making it a cost effective long term water management tool.


STOCKOSORB® used in landscaping, forestry and agriculture is environmentally sound. In-depth ecotoxicological testing was performed in laboratories certified according to the rules of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). No evidence for adverse effects of STOCKOSORB® to animals, plants, soil or ground water was obtained. STOCKOSORB® is classified as "inert ingredient" by the US Evironmental Protection Agency EPA under 40 CFR section 180.1001(c).
STOCKOSORB® 660 is free of any toxicological listings and is exempt from California Proposition 65.


STOCKOSORB® is degradable and will break down into natural components of carbon dioxide, water and Potassium salts. It is designed to remain active in the soil for 1-3 years.


There are four unique formulations that can be adapted for different
applications. The selection of particle size is determined by soil texture and application method.
The powder form is typically used for root dipping and seed coating applications. Micro is used indoors in media and mulch mixes.
Medium is used in a variety of applications, such as media and mulch mixes
or granular application equipment like Gandy Boxes, planter insecticide
boxes or other similar applicators. Medium can also be used in direct
applications through a grain drill in desert type areas with similar sized seed.
XL is used for blending and applying with dry bulk fertilizers.


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