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Under the brand name CABLOC® we offer water blocking solutions for the wire & cable industry. 


CABLOC®polymers protect power and communication cables from damage through penetration of water. Penetrating water is absorbed immediately and is firmly bound through swelling. Defects and damaged parts are sealed effectively, thus preventing further penetration of water.

For the production of swellable cable components we offer new, liquid, solvent free, crosslinkable polyacrylates (SAP) as well as traditional crosslinked superabsorbent granules.

CABLOC® polymers cover all technical and economic demands of the rapid and progressive developments in the cable industry. 

CABLOC® polymers are crosslinked or crosslinkable homopolymers or copolymers with water binding groups. In their dry form these polymers are insoluable in water but highly swellable.

In the event of water ingress into a cable manufactured with swellable components, the CABLOC® superabsorbent polymers immediately swell to many times their original dry particle size. This effect leads to effective prevention of further water penetration. Due to the rapid swelling of CABLOC® polymers, voids within the cable are sealed immediately, preventing water movement, keeping the potential damage localized.


- rapid swelling properties
- high gel strength and mechanical stability
- anti-corrosive
- non-ageing
- resistant to micro-organism
- easy to use
- non-toxic


- electrical, telecommunications, coaxial and optical cables
- underground cables
- underwater cables


CABLOC® swelling powder can be incorporated into and on various substrates via direct application methods:

- fluidized bed
- electrostatic
- vibratory

The water blocking properties of CABLOC® swelling powder can be incorporated for various technologies:

- into filling or flooding compounds
- into hot-melts

Our CABLOC® range comprises the right product for diverse application technologies.


Self-developed application tests and strict controls guarantee highest quality. We support our customers with customized research, extensive manufacturing and service know-how to ensure prompt and efficient delivery.
Check out our "Absorption Speed Test Method" for more information.